Urban Development Network (UDN)

urbact43432The European Commission shall establish an Urban Development Network (UDN) to promote capacity-building, networking and exchange of experience at Union level between urban authorities. These activities shall be complementary to those undertaken under interregional cooperation programmes.

In the context of the OPEN DAYS 2014 week (6-9 October), a UDN conference will take place, during which there will be a number of workshops addressing urban issues. However, as programming for 2014-2020 is not yet complete, the conference will be open to a much wider audience.

This particular event will focus on:
• Innovation in European cities
• Integrated sustainable urban development and how to use European programmes and funds to support it
• Integrated territorial investment (ITI) and bottom-up approaches (CLLD)
• The new URBACT programme

The conference will bring together participants representing European cities, city associations, local, regional and national representatives, as well as academics and Commission services.

All participants will have the possibility to be actively involved in the discussion. An invitation to register to the conference can be applied as of 14 August 2014.

For more information: Conference Secretariat udn@iservice-europa.eu